Preventing Vandalism



  • Build a community of good faith editors.
  • Watch recent changes regularly.
  • Reward good edits, good editors, and good attempts.
  • Assume good faith.
  • Give trusted administrators the tools they need to fight vandalism.
  • Give community members a means to get administrators’ attention quickly.
  • Warn first.
  • Watch or protect pages that attract the wrong sort of attention.
  • Don’t give vandals any bright ideas.

Waste Reduction and Recycling


Why Reduce and Recycle Waste?

Because our resident has to deal with an unsustainable amount of waste in such a small geographical area, everyone needs to be aware of what we can do to improve the situation. Our landfills will be full, one by one, in the mid to late 2010s. So we all need to take responsibility and act now.

Tools and measures to reduce waste include:

  • Discard less, pay less – introducing waste charging to change people’s consumption and disposal behaviour.
  • Supporting the recycling industry; achievable by putting up slogans and etc.
  • Bulk reduction; with slogans put up, we can emphasise more on bulk reduction and also state down the dangers of overdiscarding of waste.
  • Public education and partnership; promoting waste avoidance and minimisation.

Recycling Helpline:

To help you obtain information on waste reduction and recycling, the Environmental Protection Department operates a Recycling Helpline that provides:

  • Technical advice on waste reduction and recycling.
  • A list of waste collectors and recyclers.
  • Local waste recycling statistics.
  • Information on Government initiatives and activities.

Safety Tips To Prevent Animal Attacks


Tip for frequent joggers jogging in a heavily infested stray animals in a residence (avoiding an attack):

  • Do not attempt to feed the animals as feeding the animals could increase the likeliness of the animals attacking you.
  • Do not provoke the animals as provoking the animals would do nothing but impose a threat to yourself.
  • Avoid direct eye contact; direct eye contact is a challenge that will antagonize the animal.
  • Don’t run!; Predatory animals instinctively give chase. When you turn and attempt to flee you become prey.
  • Look threatening; though you don’t want to directly challenge the animal,  appearing ferocious can deter an attack.
  • Leave the animal an escape route; in most cases, the animal is just as frightened as you and will look to escape.  But If cornered, the animal will attack.
  • Slowly back away from the animal; while avoiding eye contact, retreat while maintaining a large posture.

Pickpocket Prevention Tips

“How to Outfox the Fox by Being a Difficult Target”


Pickpockets have been around for as long as anyone can remember – and that’s because pickpockets are usually successful due to travelers not being aware of their tricks.  The following are just a few tips to help being targeted by pesky pickpockets who can ruin your trip – especially when traveling overseas where if you fall victim to a pickpocket, can really put a kink in your trip.  Unless of course, you look forward to hanging out in a foreign police station making a police report with someone who may not speak English, then trying to find a U.S consulate to help replace you passport, as well as countless hours calling your credit card companies trying to cancel your credit cards and get replacements.

Prevention tips:

  • Being a Difficult Target; Make it hard for pickpockets and sneak thieves to get to your valuables.
  • Don’t advertise what’s in your pocket
  • Walk with purpose and keep moving
  • Be unpredictable
  • Don’t stop to talk or answer questions from strangers
  • When Traveling in Groups, Designate Lookouts
  • Don’t keep important things in ANY outside pockets in your suitcase, jacket, or purse.
  • Stand defensive and prepared.
  • Keep the right hands occupied, and the right hands free.

Stray Dogs


Stray Dogs

Not only have cats found their comfort zone in our residence but dogs too. Perhaps the reason to why the number of stray dogs have increased is correlated to the catfood dispute earlier. This could be a potent danger to residents residing in our neighbourhood. Dogs could lead an attack on our residents and the fatality would be worse if the attack involved a pack of dogs.