Waste Reduction and Recycling


Why Reduce and Recycle Waste?

Because our resident has to deal with an unsustainable amount of waste in such a small geographical area, everyone needs to be aware of what we can do to improve the situation. Our landfills will be full, one by one, in the mid to late 2010s. So we all need to take responsibility and act now.

Tools and measures to reduce waste include:

  • Discard less, pay less – introducing waste charging to change people’s consumption and disposal behaviour.
  • Supporting the recycling industry; achievable by putting up slogans and etc.
  • Bulk reduction; with slogans put up, we can emphasise more on bulk reduction and also state down the dangers of overdiscarding of waste.
  • Public education and partnership; promoting waste avoidance and minimisation.

Recycling Helpline:

To help you obtain information on waste reduction and recycling, the Environmental Protection Department operates a Recycling Helpline that provides:

  • Technical advice on waste reduction and recycling.
  • A list of waste collectors and recyclers.
  • Local waste recycling statistics.
  • Information on Government initiatives and activities.

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