Safety Tips To Prevent Animal Attacks


Tip for frequent joggers jogging in a heavily infested stray animals in a residence (avoiding an attack):

  • Do not attempt to feed the animals as feeding the animals could increase the likeliness of the animals attacking you.
  • Do not provoke the animals as provoking the animals would do nothing but impose a threat to yourself.
  • Avoid direct eye contact; direct eye contact is a challenge that will antagonize the animal.
  • Don’t run!; Predatory animals instinctively give chase. When you turn and attempt to flee you become prey.
  • Look threatening; though you don’t want to directly challenge the animal,  appearing ferocious can deter an attack.
  • Leave the animal an escape route; in most cases, the animal is just as frightened as you and will look to escape.  But If cornered, the animal will attack.
  • Slowly back away from the animal; while avoiding eye contact, retreat while maintaining a large posture.