Pickpocket Prevention Tips

“How to Outfox the Fox by Being a Difficult Target”


Pickpockets have been around for as long as anyone can remember – and that’s because pickpockets are usually successful due to travelers not being aware of their tricks.  The following are just a few tips to help being targeted by pesky pickpockets who can ruin your trip – especially when traveling overseas where if you fall victim to a pickpocket, can really put a kink in your trip.  Unless of course, you look forward to hanging out in a foreign police station making a police report with someone who may not speak English, then trying to find a U.S consulate to help replace you passport, as well as countless hours calling your credit card companies trying to cancel your credit cards and get replacements.

Prevention tips:

  • Being a Difficult Target; Make it hard for pickpockets and sneak thieves to get to your valuables.
  • Don’t advertise what’s in your pocket
  • Walk with purpose and keep moving
  • Be unpredictable
  • Don’t stop to talk or answer questions from strangers
  • When Traveling in Groups, Designate Lookouts
  • Don’t keep important things in ANY outside pockets in your suitcase, jacket, or purse.
  • Stand defensive and prepared.
  • Keep the right hands occupied, and the right hands free.